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Sing Free Vocal Yoga

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I believe every voice matters and can ring beautifully when offered expert guidance and compassionate support.

Training the voice with yogic awareness can foster greater self-awareness, mindfulness, and skillful living, and it can lead you to a place of confidence and joy in both singing and life!

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“When I started working with Viveka, I did not have confidence in my voice. I rarely sang for real, and when I did, it didn’t feel great because I sounded like an amateur. Viveka has helped me build confidence with my voice, which has allowed me to write the music I am truly meant to be making.”
-Tyler Smith, singer/songwriter

Sound Healing & Reiki

We are all beings of energy and light living in a vast energetic ocean. Yet we are also human — with physical bodies, emotions, and minds that don’t necessarily see the big picture. Tension, fear, pain, trauma — these can all lead to feeling stuck in some way. I offer the vibrational energies of healing sounds and Reiki to help you open blockages in your being… and make space for healing and transformation.

“Viveka's sound healing offers a profound pathway to deep relaxation and restoration. Her combined voice, light language, sacred instruments, and light reiki touch really move energy and soothe psychic and physical layers of being.”
-Lulu Mosman, LuLuv Healing
“Viveka's sound healing offers a profound pathway to deep relaxation and restoration. Her combined voice, light language, sacred instruments, and light reiki touch really move energy and soothe psychic and physical layers of being.”
-Lulu Mosman, LuLuv Healing

Special Event: SingFree Vocal Yoga 4-Week Intro Series

Next Session Starts September 5th, 2024

Align, Integrate and Embody your Authentic Voice! This 4 week course will cover alignment, breath, resonance, vowels and consonants, chakras, and yogic/spiritual concepts to support empowerment in expression.

Voice Lessons Portland Oregon

Viveka’s Vocal Yoga Approach to Voice Lessons and Group Voice Classes

In the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, where creativity thrives, and artistry blossoms, a unique and transformative approach to voice lessons has captivated aspiring singers and vocal enthusiasts alike. Led by the talented and visionary instructor Viveka, these voice lessons offer a holistic and empowering experience. Viveka’s version of Vocal Yoga incorporates yogic philosophy, mindful physical awareness, and some asana into voice training for all levels, including absolute beginners to singing.

At the heart of Viveka’s approach is the belief that singing is not just a technical skill but a profound expression of the self. Through her voice lessons, students are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, allowing them to sing with greater ease and joy. The aim is not merely to create beautiful sounds but to tap into the essence of one’s being and unleash the power of their unique voice.

One of the fundamental principles of Viveka’s approach is cultivating self-awareness. By combining elements of yoga, meditation, and vocal training, she helps her students grow in self-awareness, both physically and emotionally. Through mindful physical awareness, individuals learn to connect with their bodies and develop a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between breath, posture, and sound production. This heightened attention translates into singing freely, without the constraints of self-judgment or fear.

In Viveka’s voice lessons, students are encouraged to speak their truth through song. Each individual is guided to explore their emotions and personal experiences, allowing their voice to become a vessel for authentic expression. By creating a safe and supportive environment, Viveka creates space for students to release trauma blocks that may have hindered their ability to voice themselves fully. Through this cathartic process, they can reclaim their voices and embrace the power of their narratives.

Aside from individual voice lessons, Viveka also offers group voice classes, which foster a sense of community and shared growth. These classes provide a dynamic and collaborative environment where participants can learn from one another, cheer each other on, and collectively expand their vocal horizons. The group setting encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and experiment with new vocal techniques, resulting in a rich and diverse learning experience.

Throughout the voice lessons, Viveka emphasizes that the body is the instrument through which sound is created. This knowledge encourages students to take ownership of their bodies and voices, cultivating a sense of empowered expression. Viveka guides her students in developing proper alignment and breath support, ensuring that the body is a supportive vessel for the voice. By fostering a strong mind-body connection, individuals can tap into the full potential of their unique instrument.

One of the hallmarks of Viveka’s approach is the playful vocal exploration that permeates every aspect of her teachings. Through improvisation exercises and creative exercises, she encourages her students to let go of self-imposed limitations and embrace the joy of vocal expression. This playful approach enhances the learning process and allows individuals to discover the vast range and versatility of their unique voice. Viveka incorporates sound healing elements and Reiki into her voice lessons. These complementary practices help students release tension, regulate their nervous systems, and open themselves up to new possibilities. 


By balancing the energy flow within the body, individuals can tap into a deeper level of vocal expression and connect with the universal energy that permeates all things.

Viveka’s vocal yoga approach to voice lessons and group voice classes in Portland, Oregon, offers a transformative and empowering experience for individuals seeking to unlock their true vocal potential. Through yogic philosophy, mindful physical awareness, and playful vocal exploration, students are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and authentic expression. Whether you are an aspiring singer or simply someone who wants to explore the power of your voice, Viveka’s voice lessons provide a nurturing and inspiring space to discover your unique voice and unleash its full potential.

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