My calling is to sing, to heal with my voice and energy, and to guide and empower others to use their voices with strength and grace for self-discovery, healing, and growth.

-Viveka Moon


Viveka Moon (born Rebecca Stuhlbarg) is a soprano songstress, sound healer, and creator of Sing Free Vocal Yoga. 

She is passionate about offering healing and inspiration through her voice and empowering others to heal themselves through their own voices. Her playful and ethereal expressions and teachings aim to touch people’s hearts and awaken Kundalini energy. 

Through rigorous training in both classical music and yoga as well as lifelong explorations in personal development and songwriting, Viveka developed Sing Free Vocal Yoga. This unique approach to voice work as a spiritual path supports self-expression, self-awareness, and self-healing. It infuses mindfulness and self-love into a practice that supports singing with ease and joy. As a sound healer, Viveka uses crystal bowls along with gongs, chimes, and angelic vocal expressions to connect listeners with their own deep knowledge of who they truly are. 

As a classical operatic singer, she has performed in numerous productions with Light Opera of Portland, and she loves to offer collaborative house concerts that uplift the feminine and offer healing energy. As a singer-songwriter, she gravitates towards medicine music and has also composed several uplifting folk-rock songs. In all her expressions and connections, Viveka aligns with the values of love, truth, peace, freedom, and healing.

“Viveka's sound healing offers a profound pathway to deep relaxation and restoration. Her combined voice, light language, sacred instruments, and light reiki touch really move energy and soothe psychic and physical layers of being.”
-Lulu Mosman, LuLuv Healing

Viveka's Story

I found music to be a refuge when I was growing up. I played violin and always loved to sing. In college, when I started studying voice, it immediately felt like part of my healing path… and my spiritual purpose. I had a spiritual inclination from a young age. I was raised Episcopalian and also have Jewish roots, and I always saw there was truth embedded in all spiritual traditions. When I discovered yoga, it immediately felt like my home spiritually. And as I studied both voice and yoga, they naturally started to weave together into a single practice… a way of growing in self discovery. Later, I immersed myself in the practice of Deep Listening, developed by the late Pauline Oliveros, which had a huge impact on my relationship with sound, healing, and Source. It was at her retreat that the message came (through another attendee): “You are going to heal with your voice.” Although I didn’t know quite what that would mean, the seed was planted.

A pilgrimage to India the following year took me to various temples and led to an initiation by a true spiritual master. This greatly enriched my connection with the yoga path and deepened my faith. I completed my masters degree in voice from UCSC not long after. As I grew in my own path, I began to teach others to free their own voices through a combined practice of yoga and vocal expression. I eventually went through an intensive yoga teacher training and also a voice teacher training through the Transformational Voice Institute. Combining that knowledge with my previous experiences, I developed Sing Free Vocal Yoga. The practice is informed by all my training, my experiences having to redevelop my own voice multiple times, and the heart-opening journey of being a mother.

Over time I have also become a certified Reiki master, which has empowered me to infuse my practice and teachings with this divine healing energy. New sound elements have also made their way into my work as a healer — crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, and other instruments interweave with channeled vocal expression to touch the souls of those called to drop into the stillness of their own being… and listen.

Thank you for visiting — I invite you to explore and connect.