Find Your Balance

Find Your Balance “When we have a good balance between thinking and feeling, our actions and lives are always the richer for it.” – Yo Yo Ma Balance is a theme that runs through all of our lives. We struggle to keep an ‘even keel’ through the ups and downs of life, we strive to balance work

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Lean into Discomfort

Lean into Discomfort Have you ever gone to a yoga class and discovered a part of your body that has been tight, but you hadn’t realized it? For instance, you may have been walking around with tight hips and not known it until you tried to do Warrior 2 pose. This is a very common experience,

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Be the Singing Bowl

BE THE SINGING BOWL If you even lightly touch any part of a singing bowl, it will immediately dampen the sound and stop ringing as fully, if at all. Every square inch of the instrument, all of its surface area, must be devoted to the task of ringing its unique sound. When we sing, the

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