Free Your Voice

Experience self-awareness, self-expression, and multi-layered healing with Sing Free Vocal Yoga.

Sing Free Vocal Yoga is a unique practice that combines the physical benefits of yoga with voice training to support healing, growth, and vocal mastery. It can be joyous and profound, supporting your natural expression and confidence in singing, chanting, and speaking your truth.

Sing Free Vocal Yoga Foundations Course

In this introductory course, Viveka explores with you the principles of alignment, breath, and resonance that lead to freedom and ease in your vocal expressions. When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to 4 video lessons with Viveka as well as a practical and instructional e-book.

The videos will guide you as you begin or continue your Vocal Yoga journey, and the e-book offers appendices with mantras and mini-songs you can put to use right away in your own Vocal Yoga practice. Your body is an instrument — this is your first step on your journey of learning to play it with confidence and openness!

You will get immediate access to the course and the ebook via email. (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see that email message shortly after purchase.)

“Growing up I was told, ‘Don’t sing.’ Pretty damaging. Thanks to Viveka, I have ‘retired’ that negative sense of my voice. Instead, she has taught me to remain open and curious about my instrument. My range, access, timbre—all have grown remarkably. My awareness of breath control and the smallest internal modulations and shaping of my internal space have all resulted in a profound improvement in the resonance, roundness, and richness of my voice.”
-Rabbi David Kosak

Personal Instruction

Join Viveka for live instruction and close, personal guidance to develop your voice and your confidence! Classes are fun, playful, and supportive — and we get results!

“Viveka's Vocal Yoga class has been such a profound and beautiful experience. Viveka is so encouraging and supportive that I couldn't help but leave the class with a smile on my face and my self-esteem raised, looking forward to the next class. Her technique of incorporating spirituality and yoga is unique in integrating body, mind, and spirit to bring me to my highest potential. I’m so thankful for her unconditional love.”
-Angie Caro

What are the Benefits of Sing Free Vocal Yoga?

Physical training

Learn to consciously inhabit your body in a deeper way. Strengthen the muscles needed for singing and release tension from areas that may be getting in the way.

Emotional Support and Personal Growth

Work through internal barriers to free self-expression.

Spiritual Growth

Take the philosophy and practice of yoga into your voice practice and see what arises from within — what you can learn about yourself.

Get a Taste of Sing Free Vocal Yoga with My Free Warmup Video Series


Vocal Yoga is for anyone who can speak, because if you can speak you can sing. Vocal Yoga is especially suited for anyone wanting to explore their voice in a mindful way and for those who are ready to break through barriers that have prevented their full self-expression. If you desire to sing with greater ease and freedom, or simply to get to know your own voice more deeply, vocal yoga is for you!

No prior experience with singing is necessary. I work with many beginners and enjoy introducing students to their unique voices and empowering folks to speak and sing with greater joy and ease.

No prior experience with yoga is necessary. Absolute beginners are welcome, and although some pre-existing physical practice of any kind could help, it is not at all a requirement.

All body types are welcome and can benefit from vocal yoga!

Results vary depending on many factors, including the amount of time and energy you put into developing this new practice. That said, many students have experienced dramatic positive shifts in their relationship with their voices after only a few lessons or classes.

“Viveka is a wonderful teacher who will meet you where you’re at and challenge you in a loving and supportive way. Within just a couple months, my awareness of breath and ease of singing had improved tremendously.”
-Prashant Kakad, aka “DJ Prashant”