Immerse yourself in a profound space of transformation, supported by the energetic vibrations of Reiki and healing sounds.

Individual and group sessions available

“The sound bath with Viveka is not only relaxing, soothing, and calming for Soul and body. It’s also transforming and healing in love. She is more than an amazing vocalist, teacher, and healer — she is truly a gift and blessing to us all.”
Michael Sherley

What to Expect

  • As a Reiki Master, I’m trained to set up and clear a space for healing and set intentions.
  • Working in collaboration with the guides and angels of those present, I allow myself to be guided in how to direct a session, so each experience is a little bit different.
  • Sessions often start with crystal bowls and singing to help you regulate your nervous system and get into a more meditative state where deep healing can happen.
  • Reiki energy is invited to go where it needs to within and around us for healing.
  • You may be invited to tone and vocalize, to move any stuck energies with the power of your own voice.
  • Working with the chakras helps you integrate different parts of your being. We bring in the energies of balance and peace in alignment with the laws of the universe.
  • We allow energy to flow where it wants to flow, help when it gets stuck, and claim our innate power to heal ourselves.

Ultimately, it’s about helping you be your most authentic self, live your authentic life, and experience a free and natural flow of energy.