Harmonize Your Life 3-Month Vocal Activation Program

3 month program 60 minutes


Have you ever longed for a more positive relationship with your voice? Did you know your voice can be a powerful healing instrument for yourself, and that exploring your voice with expert guidance can be a path towards greater self awareness and compassion?

This 3-month program of weekly voice lessons (and more!) will teach you all the basics of healthy vocal technique while supporting you to be in flow and cultivate harmony with life. Gain the ability to express yourself with greater, ease, joy and freedom while meeting the scared parts of you with tenderness. Challenging experiences can be transmuted through aligned expression in a safe container. Your stories and songs deserve to be shared and sung! Learn to take up more space, allowing yourself to be seen and heard while seeing and appreciating yourself more clearly and deeply.

During the first month of this program, you will learn the foundations of healthy vocal technique, identify and start to release old habits of expression that no longer serve, while playfully exploring new possibilities. The new, supportive habits will start to take hold during the second month, and greater flow will be found while inner strength and trust is built. As we head into the third month of the program, your confidence will grow as deeper emotional healing and integration takes place. You will have the option of sharing a song with a small, supportive audience of peers — Viveka can choose an appropriate song for you, or work with you on a song of your choosing. 

What you get:

  • E-book + mantra sheet, chakra chart
  • Weekly session for 3 months
  • Custom-tailored vocal yoga sequence 
  • Guided meditation recordings delivered to your inbox each week
  • Sound healing and reiki included as needed
  • Support between sessions, including a mid-week check-in
  • If you miss a session, you will receive a  personalized warmup video
  • Personalized home play/practice guidance

To Register:

1. Select your session option.
2. Click an available date for your first lesson (in black on the calendar).
3. Select an available time.
4. Click “Book now.”
5. Look for the “’Harmonize your Life…’ has been added to your cart” message at the top left. (Don’t worry if it says “No slots available” below the calendar.)
6. Click “View Cart” at the top right of the page to go to the checkout page (OR visit additional class or product pages to add them to your cart first).

If all slots are full, please contact me for other availability.


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