Sing Free Vocal Yoga Introductory Video Course



Join Vocal Yoga teacher Viveka Moonchild for this approachable and enriching course!

You’ll get access to 4 all-new video lessons with Viveka as well as corresponding readings in her included practical and instructional e-book. The ebook will guide you as you begin or continue your Vocal Yoga journey and even offers appendices with mantras and mini-songs you can put to use right away in your own vocal yoga practice.

Vocal Yoga can be joyous and profound, supporting your natural expression and confidence in singing, chanting, and speaking your truth. In this introductory course and four-part video series, Viveka explores with you the principles of alignment, breath and resonance that lead to freedom and ease in your vocal expressions. This vocal technique approach is informed by yogic principles and incorporates movement that will encourage full body awareness and engagement. Your body is an instrument – this is your first step on your journey of learning to play it, and to awaken the teacher within!

You will get immediate access to the course and the ebook via email. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see that email message shortly after purchase.

*Note that at the time that this course was filmed, Viveka was still using her birth name, Becca Stuhlbarg.


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