Sound Journey

Single Session 60 minutes


Join Viveka and Elisa every 3rd Friday at Lajja Yoga for a Reiki-infused sound bath that will lead you deeply within and connect you with the light and love that you inherently are. Elisa will start the journey by guiding you in a meditation that will aid in releasing anxiety and tension, opening the door to peace. Then Viveka will use operatic vocals and healing instruments to aid you in accessing deep restorative nourishment. The crystal bowls, angelic vocals, chimes, gongs, and other instruments will help you dive deeper, giving you the opportunity to process and transmute your life experiences and sense new possibilities.

During the sound journey, Elisa will offer Reiki (spiritually charged healing energy) to each participant, balancing and opening your chakras. Elisa will also gently bring you out of the journey within, gently inviting you back into the room with a new perspective and refreshed energy. Please reach out to Viveka or Elisa for a quick conversation before attending for the first time.
90 minutes


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